5 Seconds of Summer Hit With Four Sexual Assault Accusations

Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds of Summer has been hit with what he calls “untrue” sexual assault accusations.’sophie’ (who has since deleted her account) shared second-hand accounts of her alleged experience after the band opened for One Direction in 2013.

She said that after the show, MC got into the audience and reached up her skirt.

First allegation

Over the weekend, 5 Seconds Of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford was accused of sexually assaulting underage fans. Multiple ‘burner’ Twitter accounts shared first- and second-hand accounts of alleged abuse from when the band was touring with One Direction back in 2013 and 2014.

The accuser, who used the Twitter handle @sophiecth5, said that after 5SOS opened for 1D in 2013, Clifford came into the crowd and reached up her skirt. She also said that he took her back to his hotel room or tour bus after the show. Her account has since been deleted.

Clifford responded to the accusations on Twitter, denying them and calling them “BEYOND untrue.” He also posted a video of the band being mobbed by fans in Canada in 2013. Adam Wilkinson, who was the band’s manager at the time, denied any possibility that the allegations were true. The band’s management company, Modest!, is widely despised by the Directioners and 5SOS Fam for their treatment of the boy bands.

Second allegation

There were multiple accounts of alleged sexual assault on the weekend. One, which was a ‘burner’ account that has since been deactivated, claimed 5 Seconds of Summer members preyed on underage fans at a 1D concert in 2013. The user named’sophie’ claimed that after the band opened for the boy band, an MC went into the audience and reached up her mini skirt. She added that MANY people saw it but did nothing.

Michael Clifford has withdrawn the allegation, claiming it is “beyond untrue”. The guitarist previously took to Twitter to apologise for past tweets that have resurfaced, including some sexist and homophobic language.

Sophie later tweeted that she was sorry for the way she has been treated by her fellow fans and apologised to Clifford, saying that she mistook a lookalike for the band member. She also retracted her earlier claim that she was not allowed in the crowd at the concert, adding that she had watched from front row and not roamed.

Third allegation

Earlier this week, a Twitter user by the name of Sophie alleged that 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford sexually assaulted her after he and his bandmates opened for One Direction in 2013. She claimed that she was 14 at the time and that Clifford violated her safety and privacy by allegedly groping her. The original tweets were deleted, but Clifford has denied the allegation on social media.

He has called the accusations “BEYOND untrue,” and says it would be logistically impossible for him to roam among fans at a concert like that. He has also apologised to her.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit filed by 5SOS’s former management company is still ongoing. The company, YM&U Group, alleges that the band and its current manager, Benjamin Evans, have refused to pay commissions on lucrative deals they negotiated on their behalf. YM&U is seeking millions of dollars in damages. It is currently unclear whether the alleged sexual assault allegations will be a factor in their case.

Fourth allegation

5SOS guitarist Michael Clifford has been hit with a fourth allegation of sexual assault. A Twitter user named’sophie’, who has since deleted her account and started a new one, alleged that Clifford sexually assaulted her after they opened for One Direction in 2013. She claims to have been 14 at the time. She also says that Clifford would invite underage girls back to his hotel room or tour bus after shows.

The loyal 5SOS fanbase has been outraged by the allegations and have been putting on their best detective hats to work through the conflicting ‘evidence’ that’s being shared, often coigning from screenshots. But the conspiracy theories are getting a little wild, as it’s been claimed that some of the screenshot ‘confessions’ are actually from fake accounts created by people wanting to harm 5SOS.

‘Sophie’ has now tweeted that she is withdrawing her allegation because it was false. She has offered her deepest apologies to Clifford and hopes that he forgives her.

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